Be Still + Chill: an energetic playlist for your next creative session

If I don’t intentionally carve out time to be creative, it simply doesn’t happen. It’s one of those things that makes me feel so much more buoyant afterwards, but getting into it can be a challenge. Lately, I’m not making any excuses. Doing something, anything creative is fun and important.

However, what sets the tone for a creative activity better than a great playlist? (That is, unless your creative activity involves making music, of course.) I’ve been working on this playlist for over a month now, adding songs here and there to fit the overall vibe.

Here’s how I describe the playlist: Upbeat, contemplative mix creates the perfect backdrop for reading, writing, creating art, or simply, ya know, contemplating. Featuring Caribou, Little Dragon, DJ Shadow, Beach House … and many more. 🙂


Listen to Be Still + Chill



I’m very fond of this playlist, as it has ushered me into a creative state really seamlessly on many occasions! Amazingly, I haven’t gotten tired of it after countless listens. I’m continuously adding to it, so if you do listen and enjoy — be sure to check back for more songs. ✴

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