The Seattle rose garden your nose was made for

Back in January, we moved from our one-bedroom apartment into a two-bedroom townhome. We only moved seven blocks, but it feels like a whole different world over here. Busy streets are like rivers of movement that divide and define neighborhoods. Seattle’s rainy months kept us from crossing our busy river north, kept us meandering south where it was quiet. Once the sky opened up, we ventured north, delighted to find the zoo so close by.

Evening walks are our go-to when it’s nice outside. This ridge at Phinney lets us see the tippy-tops of the Olympics, their big iconic shoulders visible through houses and cross streets.

Sure, we heard rumors that there was some kind of Rose Garden by the zoo, but we were not prepared for just how wonderful this place is. With 3,000 rose plants, the 2.5-acre Rose Garden by Woodland Zoo is completely immersive, and features 200 rose varieties. It’s free, open from 7:30 a.m. until dusk every day … and dogs are allowed!

This garden is a playground of scents! Brenton and I (and Alfie) bounded from plant to plant, smelling each intently. As we leaned in, we felt the delicate flowers brushing our faces. So sweet, so tender. Soooooo good smelling!

We’ve made many trips back to the rose garden. Our noses request it regularly. The petals are dropping quickly though, folks. So hurry on over if you’re in Seattle. 🙂

• • •

Our favorite rose is Betty White (apparently a lot of roses are named after famous people). She’s gigantic and Brenton says she smells like the resort we stayed at during our honeymoon in Puerto Rico. She’s a punchy sweet floral aroma with a lot of drama and elegance.

This is Betty:

Rose-4Rose NEW 3

• • •

Rose NEW 1Rose-5Rose NEW 2Rose-1Patio-1-2Patio-1Patio-2

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