Wake up, baby. Wakeup!: A Spotify Playlist

For me, waking up is no easy feat. It’s an every-morning struggle between time and perception, between intention and action, between drowsiness and any wisps of wakefulness. For a split-second when I’m jolted awake by my alarm, I truly believe that I’m going to stay awake and that my body will spring to life. And day after day, I immediately fall back to sleep for another 30 minutes.

I’ve been like this my whole life. Sleep washes over me with an incredible force and it doesn’t give up easily when morning comes. In high school, I forged so many late notes that I got called to the principal’s office. They told me doctor’s-only notes from there on out. But I didn’t wake up earlier! Instead, I found ways to shave off minutes here and there during my morning routine and commute.

And here I am, about to be 30 and I’m still struggling to wake up. So my current quest is to find a balance between letting myself enjoy all the sleep it clearly wants, while waking up early enough to have some me-time and not stressing about getting to work.

I wrote recently about my current quick, low-maintenance hair routine, which has gifted me so much more time in the morning! I can’t imagine why I wouldn’t do this forever.

Last night, I realized I need an energizing, dance-worthy playlist to wake up to. So I made one. It features Solange, Neon Indian, NxWorries & Hot Chip, and it’s like audio caffeine. These particular songs just make me want to mooooove.

If you’ve got any tips for how to make mornings easier, I’m all ears. 🙂


Listen to Wake up, baby. Wake up!


Or listen here:




Original artwork consists of Photoshopped photos by Jaclyn LaBrie.

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