A slow weekend in Victoria, BC

In celebration of Brenton’s birthday (which happens to be today), we took a voyage north, by boat, to Victoria, BC. First time traveling anywhere of significant distance by water! And I must say, it was pretty magnificent to be cutting through the massive waters, zooming by nondescript landmasses (Port Townsend, San Juans), and seeing the occasional lighthouse, seemingly the only trace of human life. All else was refreshingly desolate, just wild land and big sky and the Puget Sound.

Traveling to Victoria was a breeze. The Clipper is chill, you just want to make sure you get seats on the second level — preferably a seat with a table!

We decided early on that we only wanted to travel by foot (although we did take a water taxi a couple of times), so that meant lots and lots of wandering.

Here’s Victoria in a nutshell:

  • Full of charm
  • Eminently walkable
  • Tasty food with lots of healthy (albeit spendy) options
  • Lots of shopping – Canadians are hella stylish, btw
  • Endless coast, lovely mountain & water vistas

Victoria is perfect for an easy getaway, but it’s definitely rife with tourists. It feels like one of those towns that has been preserved for tourism. However, it’s doesn’t feel fake. The locavore vibe, healthy hip joints, and luscious Beacon Hill park make me feel like I could imagine being a local there.

What I loved most:

  • The walking! Felt *so* good to not even step foot in a car all weekend
  • Sult Pierogi Bar was absurdly good. I forgot how much I adore perogies.
  • Beacon Hill Park! So incredibly varied and completely massive (200 acres)! Easy to spend half a day wandering.
  • Being by the water. It’s just so relaxing and beautiful
  • Brenton’s favorite thing was probably the chocolate-dipped ice cream from Chocolats Favoris 😉




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